Society of Designer Craftsmen

Carol Naylor

A great day on Saturday in London despite the snow, at the AGM of the Society of Designer Craftsmen. Excellent talks included Sumi Perera and Debbie Lyddon who both work broadly within the field of textiles. Sumi makes extraordinary books and installations and Debbie waxes and works into cloth, images follow. You can find links to their websites under the society website link which is on my website page. Seeing work by other artists is so inspiring, makes you want toWilliam Morris GallerWilliam Morris Galler get on, so off to my studio to start a new piece! Both these images were part of their work made for Everyday Encounters Exhibition that I curated at the Willliam Morris Gallery, London, photography by Paul Tucker

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Nets UK exhibition in School of Art, Textiles workshop space and Nets Australia meeting on Saturday 13th October

Tomorrow – Tuesday, I will be planning the space to hang the Nets UK Textile work in the Textiles workshop of the School of Art here at the Australian National University.

Pics to follow.

We are having a Nets Australia meeting on Saturday 13th here in the Textiles Workshop at 3pm. Lots to discuss.

Flying South for Winter

Finally getting settled in here at the Australian National University, Textiles Workshop. Have had an amazing week meeting artists, staff and students. We have a wonderful community of three visiting artists all based within the Textiles workshop.

Beginning to explore work that has evolved on from Family Trees to birds. I realised that the birds are the first things I hear when I wake up every morning. The bird chorus is the first thing that reminds me that I am here in Australia and not back home in Cumbria.

Have I also flown South for the Winter?

I started today to make drawings and marks which reference the bird song – exploring the intervals, highs and lows of the song through mark making. This has begun to be taken to stitch.




Fringe Forum Lecture at the Australian National University

Here is the link for my lecture as part of the Fringe Forum at the School of Art at the Australian National University


Many thanks to all who attended the lecture on Thursday and look forward to continuing our connection throughout the duration of my time in Canberra.